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For any problems with your IMX Key/Wallet process, Contact:

For issues related to registration for the whitelist:

We would like your NFT purchase to be as smooth as possible.

To make a purchase during the Mint, you will need to complete the steps below before attempting to purchase an NFT.


Step 1.   Do you have an Immutable Key(wallet)?

If YES, skip to Step 2
   If not, go here:

Once your key is setup....

Step 2:  You will need $IMX in your IMX Key.

     Method 1:
         2a. Ensure you have sufficient ETH in your Metamask
         2b. Purchase $IMX at your favorite DEX and transfer it to your Metamask
         3b. Deposit funds from Metamask to the IMX Key
   Instructions:  ____________________.   You can also do this from the Immutable X marketplace here:


Method 2:
   Purchase directly into your IMX Key with MoonPay
On day of the MINT...

We'll See you there! GOOD LUCK MORTAL!

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