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Welcome!  We are delighted you want to check out the early sneak peek of Cthulhu Awakens!


STEP 1: Decide which version you want to play.


We currently have two versions of the game:



This is the simplest and most polished playable demo as of 4-1-23.


It’s a quick ~10min experience of the core combat only.  There is simple help menu, but no tutorial.  There is no Story or Base Building mechanics (two of our 3 core gameplay  pillars).  Graphics are unpolished.  No ‘loot boxes’ no, no random agents, no Creature Capture.  We will be releasing this soon as a promotional tool without monetization.


M0 Full Prototype

This version is a bit older, less polished but has all (3) aspects of the gameplay (full loop), mock monetization and other features like Enemy Capture etc.  Some graphics are quite out-of-date but it better represents the full game.  Play this if you really want to understand the product and our traction and ready to do a deep dive .

This version is currently ONLY available upon request.


STEP 2: For M1, DECIDE between Desktop PC or Android Build


If you want to play the PC version, go to this page:  and choose ‘M1 Secret Demo’ PC Version


If you want to play the Android build, go to this page from your mobile device:

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